Check Your Sense of Entitlement
This .gif perfectly summarizes every Fat Acceptance/Thin Privilege post.
Full stop.  
Brooks no argument. 

This .gif perfectly summarizes every Fat Acceptance/Thin Privilege post.


Full stop.  

Brooks no argument. 

Instead of telling me that my actions have consequences and risks associated with them, tell the outcomes of my behavior to always be beneficial to me.

Watched the latest vid, couldn’t believe all the misogyny and body shaming in the comments coming from the Patriarch…. wait



Well, you see….

Internalized misogyny is….

That’s just out of context…..

Link for the full album here, tumblr seems to be not liking direct image codes.

PS: I told you all that Lorde would become irrelevant months ago.

Operational Announcement

Blog will be slowing down for the next month or so.  

I want to keep posting, but my work has really kicked it up in my volume as of late so that’s been keeping me busy.

Add in the stress of moving on top of that and well….

I’m still around, though, just won’t post as much.  

My skype is available to any long-term readers of this blog.

As Always, it is my privilege.

First Wave VS Now
First Wave Feminists: We fought for the right for you to vote and you got it
Tumblr Feminists: Yeah but you know patriarchy
First Wave: Well you are the majority of voters now so why do you keep voting for men?
Tumblr Feminists: PATRIARCHY!
First Wave: Lets try something else, how about you run for congress yourself then, you also have equal opportunities to get an education.
Tumblr Feminists: I'm a gender studies major
First Wave: Yeah but you also complain about not enough female doctors/lawyers/engineers have the equal opportunity to get educated why not?
Tumblr Feminists: MALE PRIVILEGE!
First Wave: Yes how are you being oppressed again? You can vote right?
Tumblr Feminists: Yes
First Wave: Go to school?
Tumblr Feminists: Yes
First wave: Hold a job in any occupation you want?
Tumblr Feminists: Wage gap! Plus women are actively oppressed out of pursuing any important careers...
First Wave: But you CHOSE gender studies, were you offered the chance to take something else...
Tumblr Feminists: Yes but men
First Wave: Did what?
Tumblr Feminists: Um....they said girls shouldn't do that
First Wave: And?
Tumblr Feminists: PATRIARCHY!
First Wave: Do you even know what feminism is? Or did you just redefine it as your right to whine about whining?

In addition to a skype, this blog now has an associated kik,.

Message me for it, I will, as always, be verifying readership before adding anyone.

The Problematic Problems of “Not all feminists are like that!”
  1. If most of them are irrational, narcissistic cunts doesn’t that mean the ones who “aren’t like that” would be the sane, rational ones?
  2. It’s just idiot for “I’m not like most girls.”
  3. It’s a way for someone to be part of a negative group while also showing how they’re better.  ”Not all klan members/neo-nazis/convicted child molesters are like that!”
  4. Why do the ones who aren’t like “that” just let them ones who are run wild?
So have you ever met radical feminists in your real life? If so, what was it like?

I don’t really frequent the unemployment office, so I can’t tell you.

I’m actually a great contortionist!

Watch as I suck my own dick by bragging about how THIS post broke the 1k mark!